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Hello Summer

Posted by Marijan Pejic on May 6, 2010 at 12:07 AM

Today was the last day of my final exams for my junior year of college. My junior year has come and gone, and so has the first conference. But, studying and working on the website will still remain part of my schedule. I will be taking the MCAT in July and the website still needs much work.

I've redesigned some major parts of the website. The information from the old conference is now under the Past Conferences tab. I believe that this makes it easier to find everything (especially for new users).

I made an overview page using Flash. This is my second Flash project. The overview is mainly for new users, but I think that all people will enjoy seeing it. The pictures on the conference tab of the overview are put in an automated gallery. The pictures will expand and the motion will stop when you click on the pictures and then go back to normal with a second click. This overview still needs more work, but I think that it's a good start.

The video recordings are in a physical tape format and it will be a while until this is all prepared. Photos and summaries will most likely come earlier. I can understand if people are impatient about this since I want to see the videos also (I don't have access to the video recordings, by the way). Since the speaker sessions were concurrent, nobody saw all the videos. 

In the meantime... an update on the televised session on healthcare reform (the We Speak! session) will be made in May and the forum is the place where the discussions are continuing for all the sessions. 

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