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Posted by Marijan Pejic on June 30, 2010 at 11:29 PM

I know that this is a very late notice, but the We Speak! session from the first international medical volunteerism conference will air on Comcast Atlanta Channel 24 tomorrow. See below:

Tune in Tomorrow, Thursday at 10:00pm.  Comcast Atlanta Channel 24!

Don't live in the City of Atlanta?  Then just go to and click on 'watch now'. You can still watch the RoundTable at 10:00pm!  

We Speak! was taped on location at the International Medical Volunteerism Conference at Emory University.If you missed it, the conference and RoundTable was well attended by health providers, advocates, suppliersacademicians, and people simply interested in good healthcare reform!

Hear from experts discussing the Healthcare Reform Update: The original 'Doc Hollywood', Dr. Neil Shulman, also conference organizer.

Government representatives

A healthcare attorney Conservative who's worked with Hillary Clinton and Newt Gingrich

Several healthcare reform advocates

This show airs in two parts.  Tune in at 10:00pm for Part 1, July 1st.Part 2 airs next Thursday.   

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