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Elsa M Cintron
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Hi Daylight Friends and Partners,

Greetings from Daylight Pokot, Kenya.

I hope you are doing good. The kids and staff at Daylight are doing and are in good spirits. Thank you for enabling us be there for these lovely little people. I am so joyful to be working at Daylight with the nomads' kids. And to Him be the glory.

Besides, it's about a month since I got back to Daylight from the States. I had a 3 months trip in the States.

Upon my return, I have since been able to visit a number of villages in Pokot. What I have I found out during my visits in the family is the severe drought. It is so dry and dusty here in Pokot, Kenya. And the nomad tribes are finding it difficult. Big time! To get water for their households and animals they have to move about and walk long distances.

When I visited my mother and family in Alale village a fortnight I ago, the situation there was not any different. The pictures attached here on were taken when I visited Alale where my mother lives. The villagers have to dig deep into the sand at the creeks to find water.

Some other times they don't succeed in hitting the waterpoint, and have to try digging elsewhere over and over again. If you are familiar with Minnesota, then this place, at the moment, could as well be considered to be a "Land of 10,000 sand wells" - dotting along every creek and dry river bed.

Yes, and in some of the pics, note the goat who desperately tried to search for water in a container by way of pushing/forcing its head right into the tight opening on the container, an effort that went a little too far, for the goat had difficulty retrieving its head out of the container.Someone had to literally bail the goat out of the noose....

These are the places some of the Daylight kids come from, and it is also the area I call home. It is that close.

When you pray, please remember them!

In His Grace,

Michael/ Elsa

Daylight Pokot, Kenya

Pictures of conditions in Polot Kenya




 Elsa M Cintron

Cintron Wellness & Learning Education

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Lehigh Acres, Florida 33971

President/ CEO

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I hope you plant trees! I planted a peach tree today! Water will be easier with trees! Wangarii Mathai was the Mother of Trees and it makes such a difference!


Fear Thou Not, 501(c)3, Hiram, GA 30141, 770-Yip-NOEL

#instantbuddy on Twitter. Women are safer with other women in isolated places.

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