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Dear Global Health and Humanitarians,

Women are not taught often in our world to use the Buddy System.

Businesses can support #InstantBuddy and double their businesses.

People who use the Buddy System spend 2x the money and BUSINESSES LOVE PEOPLE WHO SPEND 2x as much money. Share with anyone who will read or listen. Make this email count for Jennifer Ewing. Do this before I die. Do this for Chandra Levy, for Meredith Hope Emerson, and for every woman who has been abducted or murdered.

A woman alone is a target.

No weapon can protect her if she is hit in the face with a baseball bat before she can draw a weapon.

We are not doing enough.

Last December I saw 7 women who were alone on my way to mile marker 17 where Jennifer Ewing was abducted/murdered.

The counties won't change the signs on the Silver Comet Trail to include Buddy System.

No business sell t-shirts that say Buddy System and I don't sell enough books to buy t-shirts to spread the concept, so I am spreading the Instant Buddy (system) on Twitter.

Where do men hear about the Buddy System? Law enforcement, every military branch, hunting, ice fishing, kayaking, deep sea diving. . . . The list is longer for men to learn from than for women. Men do not need the Buddy System more than women do.

Women don't have the wide influences to use a Buddy System and they could with SHOPPING!

So much crime happens in parking lots.

Please share this with Deputy Mike Quinn, and with the Sheriffs of Paulding and Douglas Counties. I am posting this letter on my 12 blogs, Twitter,  Facebook, Pinterest and the Global Health and Humanitarian Summit, which I help to organize at Emory University. Next month will be the 6th anniversary for Jennifer Ewing, and the 8th anniversary for me surviving. I survived to write a book and she will never be as old as I am now. If you have any ideas to improve an Instant Buddy system, please contact me @Twitter with #InstantBuddy .

Women can encourage each other to find someone in a parking lot to walk with, and meet before leaving the store to go to their vehicles. The women can find an Instant Buddy who is of the same gender/sex as they are. No handsome Ted Bundy or Hilton with their high IQ will be asked. This is not about fear. This is about prevention. We are not doing enough.

#Instant Buddy,

Rev. Charlotte Fairchild, MDiv, CPE, http://www.imvc.orgFear Thou Not, 501(c)3

PO Box 1268

Hiram, GA 30141

Twitter/SKYPE: Charfair

cell#InstantbuddyMurder on the Silver Comet Trail,

First chapter free, and for Kindle Prime it is free.

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Posts: 110

Too many friends and families don't take the buddy system seriously for women.

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