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Mawejje Joseph
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To you our dear Friend,

Thank you for joining our Campaign. This particular Campaign


Will be a start/launch to help community to stop children’s crying and also to fight against their cultural background and thus seeks to rejuvenate the tradition, putting it in perspective with the changing trends in the patterns of living brought about by modernization. It therefore seeks to re-emphasize the inherent worthy and dignity of the girl/boy child and thus facilitate socio-economic development by giving/providing with them enough education, health, food, clean water, shelter, clothing and child free space to grow and develop into a full responsible citizen and people enjoying peace of mind and freedom, thus giving her the opportunity to work towards the development of their communities. It is envisioned that the society will come to recognize and respect their children.

The Ugandan children, despite the problems they are facing, they need to say no to forced sexual activities within the lake beaches, say no to early marriage, and all sorts of abuse. Generation Youth Uganda with is campaign. (Stop Children’s Cry) will come to respect them and the community will come to appreciate them thus our communities will be a better community free from abuse and more development. We want to do this for the sake of our future, children’s future, great great grand children’s future and for our for our country Uganda’s future.

Please click here and sign up to receive more updates

NOTE: If you want to donate clothes, shoes and other use this address below

Generation Youth Uganda

P.O BOX 116 Mukono Uganda

Zip code 256

Mob: +256 791930636

Mawejje Joseph

+256 791930636




The voices of children cry out.

They cry against hunger, injustice,

Neglect, poverty and abuse.

Why do the Ugandans not hear their cry?

Yes, I am a child,

Give me my attention.

From the rivers of Nile

To the vast lake of Victoria,

I hear the echoes of tiny voices

Crying out for papa and mama

Oh the sting of death!

AIDS has snatched them away!

Why this disease?

I feel like punching AIDS right in the face!

How can I face tomorrow?

With no one to inspire me.

The burden on my shoulders is too great for me.

No food, No education, too much abuse

I am A girl, I am child.

Give me my dreams.

From Village to village

from all Ugandan District to all Villages

hear the voice of those children.

To the great leaders of this country,

The children clings to your round table.

Why do I have to be last on the mind of the Ugandans?

I am child;

I need to stand on an equal ground.

I can speak and I can read,

I am smart and I am courageous,

I am bold and I am beautiful,

I can be a strong leader,

I can dance and play,

I laugh and cry,

I can dream of great things,

I am not dumb and backward.

I am a child

you must hear my voice.

Please give me your ears.

I will keep crying even if I lose my voice,

my bones will play the drums in your ears.

You will see my picture everywhere you go.

I am child.

I am not asking for your world,

I am inviting you into mine.

When you see it, you will know that

I am strong, tough and courageous.

I am not all that you think I am,

I am child.

Please give me a place in your heart.

Yes, we are Watoto wa nguvu

Children with Potential

Hear our cry

Composed by Mawejje Joseph



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