Global Health & Humanitarian Summit 2011 snapshots Global Health & Humanitarian Summit 2011 snapshots Arriving on campus 123738917 Between the Noses! Myles making the Gesundheit! connection with Jerome and friends 123738918 Charlotte and Nancy Rev. Charlotte Fairchild (homeless advocate) and Dr. Nancy Doetzel 123738919 Children's Peace Train Girl with green dress contributes to the Children's Peace Train, brought to the event from South Korea by Fred Jeremy Seligson 123738920 Children's Peace Train Girlfriends on the train 123738921 Children's Peace Train boy with picture 123738922 WorldPlay meets Farmer Tantoh Sharon Mnich, Farmer Tantoh, and Dr. Neil Shulman 123738923 Gordon speaks D. Gordon Draves of Georgians Against Smoking Pollution (GASP) 123738924 Issifu Dr. Issifu Harruna, who is bringing a health bus to Ghana 123738925 Julee Julee Valentine of JoannaCare 123738926 Kids Corner Music time! 123738927 Kids Corner the chair stare! 123738928 Kids Corner dance time! 123738929 Kids Corner Drumming with Mark Poole 123738930 Kids Corner Tamborine time! 123738931 Kids Corner A visit from Farmer Tantoh of Cameroon, Africa 123738932 Kids Corner yoga for kids 123738933 Kids Corner yoga for kids 123738934 Kids Corner yoga for kids 123738935 Kids Corner Yoga for kids 123738936 Children's Peace Train Maurice Lecroy displays his work 123738937 Kids Corner Myles in medical headgear 123738938 Myles A serious moment at a board meeting 123738939 Myles & Sasha love noses 123738940 Myles & Sasha fun with noses 123738941 Myles & Sasha nose to nose 123738942 Patch and Neil Patch Adams & Neil Shulman 123738943 Neil and Patch onstage Chairman Neil Shulman & closing keynote speaker Patch Adams 123738944 Patch and friends A serious moment in the volunteer room after Patch Adams arrives: Patch Adams, Kevin Nelson, Barbara Burns, Gauri Melkote, Zoe Haugo, Dr. Henri Rego, and Dr. Jim Withers 123738945 Seed & Feed Seed & Feed Marching Abominable clown band rocks the house at the DUC 123738946 Seed & Feed Seed & Feed Marching Abominables: The grand finale to the opening of the weekend's events! 123738947 Stephanie's peace portrait Stephanie Murphy, lead coordinator of the Kids Corner 123738948 Student volunteer One of the many many student volunteers who helped make this event happen! 123739149 Tess & Barbara Tess Cunningham and Barbara Burns, our lead Media and PR gurus! 123739150 The Nose Knows Myles with Gesundheit friends 123739151 exhibit area The Power of Two exhibit 123739152 Zoe and Christine Zoe Haugo (Administrative Coordinator) and Christina Walling (Administrative Assistant) get down to business 123739153 Patch & Zoe For those who don't know, it is rare that Patch Adams takes a photo with anyone without demanding all to have a finger in the nose!!!! 123739154