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Friday, April 13, 2012

7-­‐10pm // WHSCAB auditorium



introductions to many humanitarians

*Welcome by Neil Shulman MD (the Real Doc Hollywood), and organizers Lisa Parsons and Saier Zeng

*Introductions by Don Simmons and the Angels from International Sound Therapy Association

*A salute to RESPECT, live streamed from Bruce Gallash in Australia

*Yewande and Lakeside High School Choir

*Live streaming with GlobeMed event...inspiring & enabling students to positively impact growing inequities in global health through partner grassroots health organizations

*Neil Shulman MD, introducing of a variety of speakers and exhibitors in the audience

*Kevin Sullivan HealthSTAT, an interdisciplinary student advocacy group promoting a healthier Georgia

*Pacha Mamas -­‐ Eclectic and energizing acoustic music

*Special Remarks by Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Voice of conscious evolution of humankind / 1984 US Vice Presidential Candidate

*The Butterfly Labyrinth – peace path meditation

*Demonstration of the Peace Bridge (North & South Korea coming together)

*Finale: A grand audience salute to the RESPECT movement


Saturday, April 14, 2012
8:30am – 10:30am // WHSCAB Auditorium


A-­‐2) GRAND OPENING / Inspiring Opening Remarks

*Remembrance of John Shippee: We remember a wonderful man who inspired and supported the Global Humanitarian Summit

-­‐ quotes from John presented by Margaret Blevins

*Remembrance of Elbert Tuttle MD: We remember another wonderful man who truly lived the life of a humanitarian, following in the footsteps of his father who was the federal judge who desegregated the South -­‐ reflections by Anne Emanuel, author of Elbert Par Tuttle: Chief Jurist of the Civil Rights Revolution

*Introduction of new book: Humanitarians That Inspire...a collection of 15 stories taken from the 2011 Global Health & Humanitarian Summit, by Ann Bassarab & Jeevan Devassy

*Call to action: Jack Birge Md: A vision of how this summit can have a global impact...and how you can make it happen

*Introduction of student co-­‐chairs of the 2012 Global Humanitarian Summit: Austin Van Grack, Saier Zeng, & Tony Xu

*Brief Introduction of All Speakers / Exhibitors by Neil Shulman MD (the Real “Doc Hollywood”)

*Inspiring presentations by:

Lovelace, Alice: Renowned Atlanta poet: “The Day the Earth Was Born”

Fernandez, Mary: Past Vice President of the GA Association of Blind Students: A vision of humanitarian inspiration

Hatcher, Charles, MD: Past Head of Emory Healthcare: Healthcare in Atlanta and beyond...making a difference

Withers, Jim, MD: Founder of the Street Medicine Movement: Infecting the world with the empathy virus

Yakubu, Haruna: Vice-­‐Chancellor of University for Development Studies (Ghana)

Abdulilah Marafie: Chairman of Marafie Foundation (Kuwait): Humanitarian initiatives in the Middle East and around the world

Mullins, Stan: Athens artist presents a statue "The Spirit of Rwanda" representing love for the environment and culture of Rwanda

Shafer, Patricia: Author: The Influence of Women as Global Change Makers

Beasley, Joe: A sharecropper’s son who has a Doctorate in “Hard Knocks”: The Rainbow Coalition

Mbaba, Victor: Founder of Africa's Children's Fund: "The Gift of Books"...empowering youth around the world

Adetunji, Chief Tunde: CEO / Founder of Africa Heritage Foundation: Africa matters....Africa is the future!

Razdan, Subash (Chairman) & Thaliath, Antony (Executive Director): The Gandhi Foundation of USA: Spreading the philosophies of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, promoting peace, non violence, and community service

Liebowitz, Daniel & Godwin, Julian: Soka Gakkai International: 200 square foot touring exhibit-­‐-­‐From a Culture of Violence to a Culture of Peace: Transforming the Human Spirit

Cohen, Sheldon: Atlanta psychiatrist / environmentalist: Making LEMON AID out of lemons: How to be an environmental expert and be paid

Stegall, Mo: From homeless to success, and now giving back

 *The Seed & Feed Marching Abominable of ATL -­‐ marching band (beginning at 10:30am in WHSCAB auditorium and parading through SOM)


Sat. 11am – 2pm

SOM (in exhibit hall, or possibly outside in front if weather permits)

Mills Guitar Club, Mills Senior Multipurpose Facility (Fulton County, GA)

Sat. 7pm-­‐10pm // WHSCAB auditorium


A-­‐3) GALA HUMANITARIAN ENTERTAINMENT with Introductions to Many Speakers & Exhibitors

*Dr. Gregory McPherson – Jazz & contemporary music

*Alan Dynin – Jazz piano

*Yewande – Alternative soul music

*Don Milton and the Phoenix Choir

*Eartha Sims – Gospel, jazz, and R&B

*Vivian Slade – Acoustic folk, rock, and jazz

*Dixie Jigs – Celtic music

*Alex Gordon – Electronic fusion/pop music

*Lisa Parsons – Folk singer/songwriter, founder of ProFleurians / Harmony on Purpose

*Aviva and the Flying Penguins – Eclectic folk music

*Brand-­‐Smith – Positive rap

*Don Sechelski – Acoustic singer/songwriter

*Live-­‐stream link-­‐up to the social forum National Occupy Washington to talk about key issues and strategies moving forward


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sun. 7pm -­‐ 9pm // WHSCAB auditorium


N) CLOSING PROGRAM: Key Note & Performances

*Jack Birge MD: Global Humanitarian Summit’s conclusion around Universal Access to Quality Healthcare in America

*Don Simmons and the Angels: Introduction by International Sound Therapy Association

*Dr. Gregory McPherson and Alan Dynin – Co-­‐creating on the piano

*Dr. Cherilynn Morrow: “SpaceMan” astrojazz

*Lisa Parsons: “Journey to the Future” guided meditation

*Serrie, John: “Tingri Maiden” piano

*Key Note Address: Barbara Marx Hubbard, “the Voice of Conscious Evolution of Humankind” / 1984 US Vice Presidential Candidate

Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called "the voice for conscious evolution of our time" by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch's new book "The Mother of Invention." Barbara co-founded The Association for Global New Thought and the World Future Society, and is chair and co-founder of the Foundation for Conscious
Evolution. In 1984 her name was placed in nomination for the vice presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket with the campaign theme "To Fulfill the Dream, a Campaign for a Positive Future."

Humanity's Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution

In this key note presentation, visionary futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard shares her vision and personal / social practices that can foster breakthroughs toward an awakening of the social, spiritual, scientific, and technological potential of humanity.

*Dr. Gregory MacPherson: “This is Love” piano, with audience participation


*Clown Doctors Ispaguetti, Raviolli, Risoquita from Brazil (Canto Cidadao) will will be roaming the events and clowning with attendees all weekend in the School of Medicine, WHSCAB, and Dobbs University Center 


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