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Your Guide to Finding Volunteering Opportunities

There are several websites that list medical volunteerism opportunities. And rather than start a whole new database on it would probably be better (more efficient and better for the medical volunteerism community and society) to provide a list of these websites. The different websites have different approaches and different target audiences, so different people would find different websites more useful than the others. Using one over the other would result in the exclusion of many significant volunteering opportunities.

You are still strongly encouraged to use for all social networking (i.e. having discussions on the internet) that relates to medical volunteerism. has a very large fanbase that is still growing. Engaging in conversations on other websites will be restricted to that particular platform while conversations on's forums will be open to the entire medical volunteerism community. We encourage you to use the forums even over Facebook, since a very significant percentage of medical professionals do not use Facebook. But, let this be your own decision.

Since the listing of medical volunteer opportunities is so dilute, you may want to use more than one or even all of the websites listed below. This should be your own decision also. Most, if not all of these websites will require for you to sign up for an account on their website to register for opportunities or post an opportunity.

Here are websites that list medical volunteering missions and activities:

HealthCare Volunteer has a very comprehensive website along with a very good search tool. The search options include keywords, geographical locations, profession, religious affiliation, types of students allowed to participate, and language skills. This is a very good starting place for people that are looking for new opportunities. It's also most likely the most student-friendly website (currently, pre-medical students are allowed to participate in almost 1,500 different missions). It's also friendly to people that are not and are not planning to become a medical professional. You can list your own opportunities he 


MedicalMissions has different search and browsing options for finding medical volunteer opportunities. The registration options are on the top right of the website.

Operation Giving Back

If you are a surgeon, then you will probably feel the most at home with Operation Giving Back. They have a search tool that is just for surgeons that want to volunteer. They also have a very good resource center for medical volunteers that are surgeons, such as a list of key organizations and information on liability issues.

More websites may be listed in the future!

If you are not happy with the 3 listed, feel free to use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo and type in keywords such as:

medical volunteerism opportunities

medical volunteerism activities

medical volunteers

medical missions

medical volunteers mission

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