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FUTURE EVENTS: Emory University April 13-15th, 2012

 Global Humanitarian Summit - APRIL 2012  (overview)

  • Speaker sessions and exhibits will be all day on Saturday April 14th and Sunday April 15th at Emory University in the following buildings: 
  •    School of Medicine building (1648 Pierce Dr., Emory University, 
  •                                                                   Atlanta, GA 30322), 
  • Woodruff Health Sciences Administration Building (WHSCAB)
  •                    auditorium (next to the School of Medicine)
  •    Harland Cinema in the Dobbs University Center (DUC) (behind
  •                    the School of Medicine) 
  • Grand Opening / Closing events including quick introductions of all Speakers / Exhibitors by Neil Shulman MD (the Real “Doc Hollywood”), humanitarian entertainment, and inspiring presentations will take place in the auditorium of WHSCAB (Woodruff Health Sciences Administration Building) at (1440 Clifton Road, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322) at the following times:
  •  Friday evening at 7-10pm (April 13th)
  •  Saturday morning 8:30-10:30am (April 14th)
  •          Saturday evening 7-10pm (April 14th)
  •  Sunday evening (April 15th) 
  • Children’s activities at the Kids Corner will take place Sat & Sun 11am – 5pm on the basement level of the Dobbs University Center (DUC) in the Faculty Dining Room and Terraces across from the DUC post office (605 Asbury Circle, Atlanta, GA 30322). Participating children must be accompanied by a caregiver.             For program details, please see Kids Corner



Friday, April 13th

6-7pm: Exhibits (SOM)

 7-10pm: Gala Humanitarian Entertainment with introductions to many

humanitarians (WHSCAB auditorium)

Welcome by Neil Shulman MD (the Real Doc Hollywood), and organizers Saier Zeng and Lisa Parsons

A salute to RESPECT, live streamed from Bruce Gallash in Australia

Yewande and Lakewood High School Chorus

Live streaming with GlobalMed event…inspiring & enabling students to understand and positively impact growing inequities in global health through partner grassroots health organizations

Neil Shulman MD, introducing of a variety of speakers and exhibitors in the audience

Daniel Sieberg – Tech / Science correspondent for major media channels: Staying healthy in a digital world

Phoenix Choir, directed by Don Milton

Special Remarks by Barbara Marx Hubbard, 1984 US Vice Presidential Candidate

Finale: A grand audience salute to the RESPECT movement


Saturday April 14th

8:30 – 10:30am: 

A) Grand Opening (WHSCAB auditorium):

Brief Introduction of speakers and exhibitors, Inspiring Key Note presentations, and The Seed & Feed Marching Abominable clown marching band


10:30am – 10pm

Exhibits (SOM)


10:30am – 5pm

Movie Screenings (SOM 170A)

11am – Health & Healing Using Natural Foods,  

             presented by Linzy Scott MD


11am – 6pm

Speaker Presentations:

B) Creativity & Inspiration (SOM 110)

C) Volunteerism & Big Picture / Humanitarianism-Public vs Personal (SOM 120)

D) Homelessness, Poverty, Sub. Abuse / Economic Devpmt (SOM 130)

E) Public Health & Community Devpmt (WHSCAB auditorium)

F) Empowering Youth (Harland Cinema)

G-1) Disability to Ability (SOM A153) (2 – 3pm) 

G-2) Laughter for Wellness (participatory workshop) (SOM P178) (3-4pm)


11am – 5pm

Kids Corner Performances: 

(DUC, lower level: Faculty Dining Room / Terraces)                                                     

11am-11:45 – Grounded Yoga for Children

1-1:45pm - Mark Pool – Drumming

2-2:45pm - Sharon Mnich – International Clapping Games / WorldPlay

3-3:45pm - Thomas Vinton / Flo Olivier-Vinton – French Emersion Music Activities: Fun Interactive Music Games

4-4:45pm - Jerylann Warner / Gathering Wild Dance Company – Special GHHS Performance: A dance performance followed by a fun kid-oriented movement program

5-5:45pm – CMM Global Radio – Folktales from Around the World

Kids Corner Exhibits:

Community Muse: Creativity, Healthy Living, Education, & Integrity in Community

Gathering Wild Dance Company: Teaching about dance

Living Healthy, Happy, and Green: Planting seeds, and Germination lessons

Veggie Kids Atlanta: Education on healthy eating

WorldPlay: Demonstration of toys kids make around the world out of

                        recycled materials

Flint Fleming Jr. Arts Foundation – Mask Making – Colorful Hand Prints and Signatures



Gala Humanitarian Entertainment with introductions to

Speakers & Exhibitors (WHSCAB auditorium)

Dr. Gregory McPherson – jazz & contemporary music
Alan Dynin – jazz piano
Yewande – alternative soul music
Eartha Sims – gospel, jazz, and R&B
Vivian Slade – acoustic folk, rock, and jazz
Dixie Jigs – celtic music
Alex Gordon –  electronic fusion/pop music
Lisa Parsons –  folk singer/songwriter, founder of ProFleurians and Harmony on Purpose
Aviva and the Flying Penguins – eclectic folk music
Brand-Smith – positive rap
Don Sechelski – acoustic singer/songwriter
Live-stream link-up to the social forum National Occupy Washington to talk about key issues and strategies moving forward
Demonstration of Peace Bridge. North Korea and South Korea coming together


Sunday April 15th

10am - 6pm

Exhibits (SOM)


10:30am – 5pm

Movie Screenings (SOM 170A)

3pm - The Healthcare Movie: Why the Healthcare System in Canada

            and the US are so different. "People are more important than

            profits." Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland



11am – 6pm

Speaker Presentations

H) Helping Humans Get Along With Humans (SOM 110)

I) Health Care Access (SOM 120)

J) Education / Environment (SOM 130)

K) Inspired Wellness (WHSCAB auditorium)

L) Medical Missions (Harland Cinema)  (11am – 3pm)

M-1) Innovations for Supporting a nonprofit (SOM 153A) (1-2pm)    

M-2) Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles (SOM P178) (2-3pm)     

11am – 5pm

(DUC, lower level: Faculty Dining Room / Terraces)                                                      

Kids Corner Performances:

11am-11:45pm - Julie McKinley – Grounded Yoga for Children

1pm–1:45pm - Julie Austin – Fandagumbo Concert: Fun music and movement for kids

2-2:45pm - Terra Tonz & Muse for Life: A special music performance

3-3:45pm - Howie “THE GREAT” Marmer – Magic

4-4:45pm – CMM Global Radio – Children’s Concert (Location to be Determined)

    Kids Corner Exhibits: See Saturday’s listing


7pm - 9pm

N) Closing Presentations & Performances (WHSCAB auditorium)

                    Piano music by Dr. Gregory McPherson and Alan Dynin

Key Note Address by Hubbard, Barbara Marx, 1984 US Vice

Presidential Candidate: “Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious




Go to "Exhibitors" page to see description of EXHIBITORS


Go to "Speakers" page to see



Go to "Kids Corner" page to see schedule of CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES


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