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Friday, April 13th



Exhibits (SOM & WHSCAB)


A-­‐1) Gala Humanitarian Entertainment with introductions to many humanitarians (WHSCAB auditorium) 



Saturday, April 14th


8:30 – 10:30am

A-­‐2) Grand Opening With inspirational Introductory Remarks (WHSCAB auditorium):

Brief Introduction of speakers and exhibitors, inspiring opening presentations

& The Seed & Feed Marching Abominable marching brass band 10am – 5pm

Barnes & Noble @Emory book table – books by speakers & exhibitors on humanitarian topics (SOM)


10:30am – 9pm

Exhibits (SOM & WHSCAB)

*Includes spectacular museum-­‐type exhibits in WHSCAB (upstairs plaza level): Soka Gakkai International’s “Transforming the Human Spirit” and TheatreSouth Atlanta’s “African American Theatre: Past, Present, & Future”

*Labyrinth for walking meditation by Butterfly Peace Path (outside WHSCAB)


11am – 2pm

Entertainment (inside or in front of SOM)

Mills Guitar Club (Mills Senior Multipurpose facility, Fulton County) 


11am - 5pm

Kids Corner (DUC, lower level: Faculty Dining Room / Terraces)

Interactive Performances & Exhibits for Children


11am – 5:30pm

Movie Screenings


1. “Health & Healing Using Natural Foods,” presented by Linzy Scott MD (Discussion to follow) (SOM A153) (11am – 12noon)

2. “Pink Smoke Over the Vatican,” Discussion afterwards: Women’s rights in the Catholic Church, presented by Diane Daugherty, ARCWP (SOM A170)(11am – 12:30pm)

3. “The Healthcare Movie:” Why the Healthcare System in Canada and the US are so different. Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland. Produced by Laurie Simons & Terry Sterrenberg (Discussion to follow) (SOM A170) (1 – 2:30pm)

4. “Stop the Killer in the Kitchen” Fuel efficient stoves in South Africa. By Nate Edwards. Discussion to Follow. (SOM P178) (3 – 4pm) 

5. “A Journey to Help Humanity” by documentarian Jeet Singh...An Insider’s view on current living standards & aid efforts in India (SOM P178)

6. “A.D. King: Behold the Dream...Brother to the Dreamer” The legacy of Martin Luther King’s brother. Discussion after with Producer Babs Onabanjo (CEO of AD King Foundation & Dr. Alveda C. King (Niece of MLK) (SOM P190)



11am – 6pm

Speaker Presentations

B) Creativity, Wellness, & Inspiration (SOM 110) (11am-­‐6pm)

C) Volunteerism / Humanitarianism....Public vs Personal (SOM 120)

1. Big Picture (11am-­‐3:30pm) /

2. Personal Relationships (3:30-­‐6pm) D) Homelessness, Poverty, Substance Abuse (11am-­‐2pm) /  Economic Development (2 -­‐ 6pm) (SOM 130)

E) Public Health & Community Development (WHSCAB auditorium)

1. Global Health (11am-­‐1pm) /

2. AIDS-­‐Global & Local (1:45-­‐3:45pm) /

3. Community Development (4-­‐6pm)

F) Empowering Youth (Harland Cinema) (11am-­‐6pm)

G-­‐1) Enlightened Power: The Influence of Women as Global Change-­‐Makers

– Mini-­‐Summit (SOM P178 & P190) (1 -­‐ 3pm)

G-­‐2) Disability to Ability – panel discussion (SOM A153) (2 – 5pm)

G-­‐3) Laughter For Wellness – participatory workshop (SOM A170) (3 – 4pm)

G-­‐4) Music for Socio-­‐Economic Transformation (SOM A170) (4-­‐5pm)




A-­‐3) Gala Humanitarian Entertainment with introductions to Speakers & Exhibitors (WHSCAB auditorium) 



Sunday, April 15th


10am -­‐ 6pm

Exhibits (SOM & WHSCAB)
*Including spectacular museum-­‐type exhibits in WHSCAB (Plaza level, upstairs from Auditorium)

A) Soka Gakkai International: “From a Culture of Violence to a Culture of Peace: Transforming the Human Spirit” –1200 sq foot touring exhibit

B) TheatreSouth Atlanta, Inc: “African American Theatre: Past, Present, & Future: A Timeline from 1821 to the Present” -­‐-­‐ 24 foot tabletop exhibit

C) Butterfly Peace Path: Labyrinth for walking meditation (outside WHSCAB)


10am – 5pm


Barnes & Noble @Emory booksellers table

books by Speakers & Exhibitors on humanitarian topics (SOM)


11am – 6pm

Speaker Presentations

H) Helping Humans Get Along With Humans (SOM 110) (11am-­‐6pm)

I) Health Care Access (SOM 120) (11am-­‐6pm)

J) Education (11am-­‐4pm) / Enviro & Sustainability (4-­‐6pm)(SOM 130)

K) Inspired Wellness (WHSCAB auditorium) (11am-­‐6pm)

L) Medical Missions (Harland Cinema) (11am – 3pm)

M-­‐1) Innovations for Supporting a Nonprofit (SOM A153) (1-­‐2pm)

M-­‐2) Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles (SOM P178) (2-­‐3pm)

M-­‐3) Youth Empowerment (SOM P190) (1-­‐3pm)

M-­‐4) Ending Homelessness in Atlanta (SOM A170) (12:30-­‐2:30pm)

M-­‐5) Theatre Diversity as Humanitarian Outreach (SOM A153) (3-­‐4pm)


11am – 5pm

Kids Corner (DUC, lower level: Faculty Dining Room / Terraces)

Performances & Exhibits for Children


3pm – 5:30pm

Movie Screening (SOM A170)

1. “The Healthcare Movie” “Why the Healthcare System in Canada and the US are so different...People are more important than profits” Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland. Produced by Laurie Simons & Terry Sterrenberg (2 showings on request: 3pm and 4:30pm) ( Discussion to follow)

2. “Free China: The Courage to Believe:” The remarkable stories of government crackdown on Falun Gong followers in China (SOM P178) (3:30 – 4:30pm)

3. “Tree Widow:” 30 Mins, Fiction. A widow opens her home to displaced & Battered women instead of giving in to her sexual demons. Produced by Alison Mills Newman (Discussion to follow) (SOM A153) (5 - ­6:30pm) 

7pm -­‐ 9pm

N) Closing Program: Key Note & Performances (WHSCAB auditorium)

Key Note Address by Hubbard, Barbara Marx, 1984 US Vice Presidential Candidate / the Voice of Conscious Evolution of Humankind

*Clown Doctors Ispaguetti, Raviolli, Risoquita from Brazil (Canto Cidadao) will roam the events all weekend, interacting with attendees and spreading joy to all 


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