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This page displays detailed speakers information for Friday, April 13th and Saturday, April 15th.

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Note: Regarding Audio / Video questions, please contact Saier Zeng at or 678-925-9550.

Friday, APRIL 13th, 2012:



WHSCAB // FRI. 7:00 – 10:00pm

*Welcome by Neil Shulman MD (the Real Doc Hollywood), and organizers Saier Zeng and Lisa Parsons

*A salute to RESPECT, live streaming from Bruce Gallash in Australia

*Yewande, with Lakeside High School Choir

*Live streaming with GlobeMed event...inspiring & enabling students to positively impact growing inequities

in global health through partner grassroots health organizations

*Neil Shulman MD, introducing of a variety of speakers and exhibitors in the audience *Kevin Sullivan

HealthSTAT, an interdisciplinary student advocacy group promoting a healthier Georgia

*Phoenix Choir, directed by Don Milton

*Special Remarks by Barbara Marx Hubbard, “The Voice of Conscious Evolution of Humankind” / 1984 US

Vice Presidential Candidate

*Finale: A grand audience salute to the RESPECT movement 


**Note: Click HERE to learn more about HealthSTAT's Annual Leadership Symposium


Saturday, APRIL 14th, 2012:


WHSCAB // SAT. 8:30 – 10:30am

*Remembrance of John Shippee: We remember a wonderful man who inspired and supported the Global Humanitarian Summit

-­‐ Quotes from John presented by Margaret Blevins

*Remembrance of Elbert Tuttle MD: We remember another wonderful man who truly lived the life of a humanitarian, following in the footsteps of his father who was the federal judge who desegregated the South

-­‐Reflections by Anne Emanuel, author of Elbert Par Tuttle: Chief Jurist of the Civil Rights Revolution

*Introduction of student co-­‐chairs of the 2012 Global Humanitarian Summit: Austin Van Grack, Saier Zeng, & Tony Xu

*Quick Introduction of All Speakers / Exhibitors by Neil Shulman MD (the Real “Doc Hollywood”)

*Inspiring presentations by:

Lovelace, Alice: Renowned Atlanta poet: “The Day the Earth Was Born”

Fernandez, Mary:Past Vice President of the GA Association of Blind Students: A vision of humanitarian


Hatcher, Charles, MD: Past Head of Emory Healthcare: Healthcare in Atlanta and beyond...making a difference

Withers, Jim, MD: Founder of the Street Medicine Movement: Infecting the world with the empathy virus

Yakubu, Haruna: Vice-­‐Chancellor of University For Development Studies (Ghana)

Abdulilah Marafie:Chairman of Marafie Foundation (Kuwait): Humanitarian initiatives in the Middle East and around the world

Mullins, Stan: Athens artist presents a statue "The Spirit of Rwanda" representing love for the environment and culture of Rwanda

Shafer, Patricia: Author: The Influence of Women as Global Change Makers

Beasley, Joe: A sharecropper’s son who has a Doctorate in “Hard Knocks”: The Rainbow Coalition

Mbaba, Victor: Founder of Africa's Children's Fund: "The Gift of Books"...empowering youth around the world

Adetunji, Chief Tunde: CEO / Founder of Africa Heritage Foundation: Africa matters....Africa is the future!

Razdan, Subash (Chairman) & Thaliath, Antony (Executive Director): The Gandhi Foundation of USA: Spreading the philosophies of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, promoting peace, non violence, and community service

Liebowitz, Daniel & Godwin, Julian: Soka Gakkai International: 200 square foot touring exhibit-­‐-­‐From a Culture of Violence to a Culture of Peace: Transforming the Human Spirit

Cohen, Sheldon: Atlanta psychiatrist / environmentalist: Making LEMON AID out of lemons: How to be an environmental expert and be paid

Stegall, Mo: From homeless to success, and now giving back

*Entertainment (10:30 -­‐ 11am):

The Seed & Feed Marching Abominable (Marching brass band, beginning in WSHCAB) 


SOM 110 // Sat 11am-­‐6pm

Ellison, Debbie: Laughter for wellness...a fun program harnessing the power of laughter for healing benefits

Simmons, Don: Global Peace through Meditation and Loving Kindness

Sieberg, Daniel:

Insights from a seasoned technology/media correspondent into creating a healthy balance in life. Author of The Digital Diet: The four-­‐step plan to break your tech addiction and regain balance in your life

Goodloe, Kimberly: A survivor of one open heart and two pace maker surgeries inspires the community to keep moving forward with a positive outlook on life, despite their daily challenges.

Dunn, Mary: Spirituality in patients and caregivers aiding recovery

Benton, Mallard W.: Journaling as a method of individual reflection, as well as a method of exploring leadership and community action

Canedy, Craig: Music Therapy, Community, and Health in Relationship: A practical overview of the study and application of musical elements within therapy, community and the realization of health

Guan, Garry: Creating universally accessible computer fonts for indigenous languages in order to keep tribal cultures alive and to promote literacy amongst these peoples

Mello, Felipe and Ravagnani, Roberto: The clown in the hospital environment as a tool to stimulate citizenship: Citizen Corner (Canto Cidadao), Brazil

Mullins, Stan: Using art as a tool for positive global social change

Nelson, Camille: Witnessing magic...volunteering at a camp for kids whose parents have cancer

Nicole, Dominique: Life and Love Foundation: Building a bridge to the future by helping children reach their highest potential through music, television, film, and the performing arts

O'Brien, Barbara and Marc: Therapeutic horseback riding / storytelling for wounded warriors / children

Stern, Danny: The benefits of drum meditations in the Sufi traditions

Washington, Joseph B.: A unique individual with a severe stuttering problem who overcame his disability shares his secrets to overcoming challenges and breaking one's own belief barriers in his book Breaking The Spirit of Average (7 principles for turning Average into AWESOME)

Stegall, Mo: Against all odds: How to hurtle over life’s obstacles 



SOM 120 // Sat 11am-­‐6pm

Sat. 11am – 3:30pm  
Birge, Jack: Volunteerism in a High Risk Pandemic: Is It Fair to Ask?
Guillory, Barbara: The constructs of love: combining business and non-­‐profits for the good of all
King, Dr. Alveda C.: The niece of the Martin Luther King Jr presents on “Life in the 21st Century”

Rao, Devika: Writer and contributing columnist to Atlanta Journal explores how to use the media to "do good"

Rawal, Sucheta: Volunteer vacationing around the world...Go, Eat, Give: Learning about different cultures through food and community service
Smith, Pheonyx Roldan: Insights into humanitarian work from behind the camera...viewing humanitarian aid via a documentary production

Umar, Shifa: Learning through service: prioritizing civic responsibility in medical education via community-­‐ based rotations. (Shifaites Serving Humanity: a philanthropic society in a Pakistani medical college)

Xin, Jeff: Greenverse: a hybrid between an environmental education NGO and a marketing firm...Exploring innovative business models for the next generation of social entrepreneurship

Kamara, Kamara Divine: Divisional Officer of Bali, Cameroon offers perspectives on Politics and Humanitarian Aid on the African Continent

Chambers, Ric & Helton, B: How seemingly ordinary people cue the behavior of millions, simply by coining a term....such as a “designated driver” or “second hand smoke

Makhani, Ryan: Educator, project manager, and reiki master: Sustaining your Passion

Hagen, Lydie Rondil: An organization of nurses helps their community: A model worth duplicating...Haitian American Nurses Association



Sat. 3:30 – 6pm

Brown II, Johnny: Courageous Fathers...promoting healthy family relationships

Douglas, Winston: Iron to Iron...Empowering black men with a focus on fatherhood

Griffin, Torri Love: Peace and respect in relationships

Myles, Willie: An author / expert on black male culture presents insights into the mass destruction of black families and strategies for overcoming this problem

Swann, Margot: Divorce prevention and how to help a divorcing friend

Burney, Ali & Burney, Josephus: Spirit, Sacrifice, and Survival...words of wisdom shared through poetry on life and humanity

Bowland, S.Y.: Re-­‐centering culture and knowledge in conflict resolution in enhancing personal relationships 



SOM 130 // Sat. 11am -­‐ 6pm


Sat. 11am -­‐ 2pm 

Bilal, Mohammed: Ethics/Law Vs Human Misery? A Pakistani student organizer explores the questions that came up during flood relief activities in Pakistan

Harris, Alan M: Let's end homelessness in a humane way: A volunteer advocating for improvement of mental health / decreasing chronic substance abuse among the homeless populations in America

Sconiers, Rosalind: Sconiers Homeless Preventative Organization (SHPO)...A comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of diverse homeless populations throughout Georgia

Sigalo, Veronica: A Nigerian does mission work in Atlanta: Helping homeless mentally ill and homeless veterans

Sonia, Demaria L: My New Life Foundation, Inc: A recovering addict who helps individuals whose lives have been destroyed by substance abuse

Tilghman, Rachel: Neighboring Neighbors: A start-­‐up grassroots organization to help the needy

Withers, Jim: The Street Medicine movement: Healthcare for the homeless around the world

Talpade, Medha, with Marion Hughes, Erika Marshal-­‐Story, and Robert Wiley: A professor of Psychology at Clark-­‐Atlanta University and workers in the Fulton County Jail present a case for Second Chance for Inmates



Sat. 2pm -­‐ 6pm

Anderson, Clyde: An innovative program to improve prosperity in the world

Bandyopadhyay, Sonny, with Candler Vinson, Meera Shah, Esme Bennett, and Hyeok Kang: Global HEED: International Development in a host of areas including healthcare, education, microfinance, etc.

Bernard, Jack: How to start a non-­‐profit organization or business in healthcare

Brannan Jr. Solomon E.: Former NFL player (Cincinnati Bengals) speaks on improving quality of life in developing countries via sports, health, medicine, education, and business development

Farr, Arthur: Teaching Microbusiness development to improve quality of life

Gangarosa, Raymond Eugene: A call for a new social movement to make harmful industries pay the healthcare costs they impose

Martin, Douglas: Teaching entrepreneurship to improve economic development

Price, Latron: Educating youth about innovative approaches for improving economic development

Simons, Laurie & Sterrenberg, Terry: The Venus Project: A Resource Based Economy...An innovative approach to making the essentials available for the entire human species

Helton, B: Creating a Caring Connected Capitalism: At the intersection of people, planet, and yes, profit

Samuel, Cheryl & Newton, Isaac: Navigating Power, Politics, and People to decrease healthcare costs with a Preventative Healthcare Model in rural Jamaica: The Mission of Hope International 


WHSCAB // Sat. 11am-­‐6pm

Global Health (Part 1)

Sat. 11am – 1pm

Crockett, Hasan: Stop the killer in the kitchen! Fuel efficient stoves in South Africa

Smith, Mignon: Reducing HIV/AIDS and childhood mortality, improving maternal health, and advocating for environmental sustainability

Adetunji, Chief Tunde: CEO / Founder of Africa Heritage Foundation: Africa matters....Africa is the future!

Crosby, Claud: Anthropology and community based public health in Asia and Africa

Midha, Inuka: Disparities & competencies of South Asian immigrants' health

Sadiq, Sufyan: Pakistani medical student speaks on the importance of improving global health by improving hygienic conditions

 AIDS -­‐ Local & Global (Part 2)
Sat. 1:45 – 3:45pm 

Wurst, Brooke: Proving Malthus Wrong: Why I Took On a Pandemic

Nahmias, Andre: Responses of an academic pediatrician (Emory) to the threat of AIDS (1982-­‐ 2012)

Akani, Chris Acho: Insights from an ob/gyn doctor who focuses on treating and preventing perinatal infections and tackling cultural barriers in Nigeria (master trainer in HIV prevention and PMTCT)

Naicker, Michelle: Making an impact on HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Wilburg, Lyndon (Kwame): Medical consequences of the crisis in Congo

Tracy, Robert M & Zina Age: Completing the Circle -­‐ Anti-­‐AIDS Movement to the Next Generations

Community Development (Part 3)
Sat. 4 – 6pm

Zhong, Le, & Jeon, Hamin, with Kapil Bhatia, Scott Berger, and John Clai Owens: Aggregating Outliers: An innovative approach to connect patients who have lived much longer than expected with each other, and with researchers and physicians, so that research and discovery can be accelerated

James, Zakery: Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries: Sustainable water-­‐purification systems and hygiene promotion in Haitian villages.

Malle, Francis Bau: International University Cameroon student presents perspectives on Maternal Health for Underprivileged Women

Narayan, Athi, with Kalpana Manthiram, Deepa Ranganathan, and Vasanthan Kuppuswamy: Simple and effective approaches to reduce infant mortality in underserved areas of India

Mutambara, Dorothy (Rev) & Rose, Shirley: The need for wells, medical assistance, and other forms of aid in Dorothy's home village of Mutambara, Zimbabwe

Nelson, Patricia: Tuberculosis and the case for thioridazine: promoting clinical trials

Nwana, Nwabuni: Introducing WaterforLife: a unique program dedicated to WASH interventions in Nigeria

Iliescu, Sorina: Building a well for a Maasai community in a drought-­‐stricken region of Kenya...The WellBeing Foundation, in collaboration with the WellBeing Club of North Cobb High School 


HARLAND Cinema // Sat. 11am-­‐6pm


Clarke, Karen: "Empower the Youth": A cultural arts radio program syndicated on WIGO 1570-­‐AM in Atlanta

Austin, Yewande: Change Rocks Foundation: Music as an alternative tool for socio-­‐economic transformation in the fight against global poverty

Crecente, Drew: Jennifer Ann’s Group: Awareness and prevention of teen dating violence

Cunningham, Ross: Mobilizing students to get involved in humanitarian efforts...A high school student making a difference
Gyagenda, Ismail S.: Lessons learned from an African village: Elders’ perspectives on informal youth training

Bowland, S.Y.: Innovative approaches to resolving conflict, with a focus on youth

Hudley, N. Jean: Empowering young males by teaching positive and productive life skills / creating a positive label for these ethical young men

Hustle University: Empowering youth: 10 things every leader must know...including entrepreneurship, critical thinking, life skills, and proven success strategies

Milton, Argus: Self sufficiency through progressive thinking

Murray, Dennis: Innovative efforts to advance our youth worldwide through education and capacity building

Onabanjo, Babs: President / CEO of the AD King Foundation (Martin Luther King Jr's brother) presents innovative approaches for youth empowerment & mentoring

Peacock, Elizabeth: The Global Class: Coaching groups of globally-­‐minded student leaders in Atlanta and Charlotte through the process of generating awareness and funds to support education in the world's newest country through a project called Raising South Sudan

Roker, Renny: Well-­‐renowned African American TV and film producer / actor providing thousands of scholarships for youngsters of every race & creed

Smith, Shirley: Grooming Future World Leaders: The value of promoting global matters to young adults

Stanford, GD: Improving the plight of youth who are refugees in the USA

Verma, Shaun: (accompanied by the Consulate General of Honduras): MD Junior: An innovative mentoring program to encourage selfless service among middle and high school students who are aspiring to medical / health careers by pairing them with medical and health professionals who help in underserved communities

Batts, Penelope: “Nana” from Nana’s Land on AIB TV presents fun ways to approach manners, skills, and safety tips for children

Dennis, Brian: Original team member of the 1954 DuSable Panthers high school basketball team presents solutions for youth facing social challenges conveyed through a true historical sports context

Kamara, Kamara Gravin: International University Cameroon student: Youth Engagement in Humanitarian Activities

Andrews, Jesse DeMonte: Who Wants To Be A CEO?...insights from the President & CEO of America’s Born2Lead Network 



CHANGE MAKERS (Mini-­‐Summit)

SOM P178 & P190 // Sat. 1-­‐3pm

Interactive Mini Summit led by Patricia Shafer, Founder / Chief Catalyst of Mothering Across Continents and Co-­‐Author of Enlightened Power: How Women are Transforming the Practice of Leadership

Exploring the impact of women-­‐led global initiatives for education, health, peace and joy and against poverty, disease and conflict.


Jackson, Courtney: Co-­‐leader of an innovative leadership/mentoring program for young women in northern, rural Haiti

Jolluck, Stephanie: Social entrepreneur and organization founder working with artisans from Mayan Indian communities in Guatemala

Daugherty, Diane: Women’s rights activist poised to become one of the first women priests in Georgia


This mini-summit takes place in two different rooms and is divided into two blocks each lasting one hour. 

G-­‐2) DISABILITY TO ABILITY (Panel Discussion)

SOM A153 // Sat. 2-­‐5pm

Open panel discussion led by Melissa Firestone, Chairwoman of the Commission on Disabilities Affairs for Fulton County: Addressing the Issues of Persons with Disabilities


Discussion of Americans with Disabilities Act, New Technologies, & Current Legislation

Lenee Windom, Irvin Cox, Robert Smith, Horace Tribble, & Vernitia Shannon:
Members of the Fulton County Commission on Disabilities Affairs
Sundquist, Janis: Accessible Housing for People with Disabilities


Discussion of Advocacy Efforts for Disabled Persons:


Yates, Nefertiti: Equality for people with disabilities and plans for a start-­‐up non-­‐profit organization that advocates for and supports children with disabilities 

G-­‐3) LAUGHTER FOR WELLNESS (participatory workshop)

SOM A170 // Sat. 3-­‐4pm

Interactive Workshop led by Debbie Ellison (Certified Laughter Leader):

Participate in an experiential laughter session, simulated as a body exercise in a group to reap health benefits. Laughter yoga was popularized as an exercise by Indian physician Madan Kataria, who launched the first Laughter Club in Mumbai, India in 1995. 



SOM A170 // Sat. 4-­‐5pm


Interactive Workshop moderated by Yewande Austin, Founder of Change Rocks Foundation, empowering at-­‐risk youth through music /leadership training /skills devpmt

This workshop teaches educators, activists and health practitioners alike the core principles of music-­‐based empowerment methodology to reinforce AIDS prevention, leadership, economic independence, problem-­‐solving, conflict resolution, team building and more. 


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