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Every person who registers to speak is grouped by theme in one of the sessions (eg. Public Health, Economic Development, Creativity & Wellness, etc). If you registered to speak prior to March 23rd, please see the program to find out which day and room you are scheduled for. At the very end of the program is an alphabetical list of speakers. The letter after each name corresponds with the letters of the different sessions. Each speaker will have @ 20 - 30 minutes to speak. Contact the moderator of your session (listed under the title of each session) to find out at what time and for how long you are speaking. 



Even though the deadline has passed for registering to speak at the event and be in the printed program, anybody is still welcome to DIRECTLY CONTACT THE MODERATOR OF A SESSION, coordinator of an event, etc. and arrange to participate if OK'd by the person directly involved in coordinating that event.  The moderator contact information is included in the program, which is posted on the website (see link on home page for “ 2012 program”)



Speaker sessions will be on Saturday and Sunday, and each session will be facilitated by several moderators, who will moderate the speaker group during the event and also give the introductions for each speaker. Feel free to contact the moderators of your session with any questions…Go to Moderators contact information



If you would like to have an exhibit, go to to register as an exhibitor. For those of you who have already registered to have an exhibit, please see the Exhibitors page for a continuously updating list of exhibitors and logistical information for exhibitors.



Contact Saier Zeng at or 678-925-9550 to request “Technical Audio/Video” and “Podium Guide” documents and/or to ask specific questions relating to preparation of PowerPoint presentations and set up such as microphones, power points, projectors, etc. Your moderators will assist you with technical set up at the time of your session.



While the deadline has passed for making your books available through the Emory bookstore…You are welcome to arrange to sell your books independently at an exhibit table or a separate table for authors who bring their own books to the event and personally handle any sales transactions. Feel free to register as an exhibitor at in order to sell your books at a table in the exhibit area.



Please contact any of the following student chairs about event details: 

Saier Zeng 678-925-9550  

                                          Tony Xu 201-675-5821

                                          Austin L. Vangra      720-839-4415



Ideally, we would like to have a report from each session generated by the speakers and moderator relating to the next humanitarian steps that can be taken to improve the plight of people relating to the topic areas in each session that can be promoted to the media and on the website. Please contact Dr. Jack Birge at 770-301-3375 for details.


Other General Info:

•Speaker sessions and exhibit areas will be housed in the School of Medicine (1648 Pierce Dr., Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322), Woodruff Health Sciences Administration Building (WHSCAB) auditorium (next to the School of Medicine), and Harland Cinema in the Dobbs University Center (DUC) (behind the School of Medicine)

•Many small meeting rooms will be available in the School of Medicine for Movie Screenings, Break Out sessions, etc. These will be available on a first come/first serve basis during the event.

•Key Note presentations and Entertainment will take place on Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday evening, and Sunday evening  in the auditorium of WHSCAB (Woodruff Health Sciences Administration Building) at (1440 Clifton Road, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322) which is right next door to the School of Medicine

•Children’s activities at the Kids Corner will take place between 11am – 5pm on Sat and Sun in the Faculty Dining Room and Terraces on the bottom floor of the DUC (Dobbs University Center) across from the post office. The DUC is the building behind the School of Medicine. Participating children must be accompanied by a caregiver.

•Free Parking will be available at all lots and decks on campus. The closest free parking is in the Michael St. Deck (550 Houston Mill Road, Emory University, Atlanta, 30322). The closest handicap parking (also free) is in the WHSCAB parking lot.  

•Paid parking is available in the deck across the street from Emory Hospital (1364 Clifton Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30322), which is located one block from the School of Medicine. This is closer than the free parking.


•There are many Cafeterias & Food Courts on Emory’s campus close to the School of Medicine. The closest food venue is in the Dobbs University Center (DUC) which is behind the School of Medicine. We are requesting that people eat at those locations and not bring food or drink into the lecture and exhibit areas.

•There will be a Printed Program available at the event for all attendees

•This is a FREE festival. There is no registration required for people to attend. Please encourage friends, family, and social groups to attend.

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