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Sunday, APRIL 15th, 2012:


SOM 110 // Sun. 11am -  6pm

Ashcroft, Emily: Why humans discriminate: Dealing with transgenderism    

Liebowitz, Daniel & Godwin, Julian: Introduction of touring exhibit (in WHSCAB) organized by the Soka Gakkai International “From a Culture of Violence to a Culture of Peace: Transforming the Human Spirit”

Jones, Herman LeVern: Using art for humanity, and introduction of display (in WHSCAB) organized by TheatreSouth Atlanta, Inc. “African American Theatre: Past, Present, and the Future: A timeline from 1821 to the Present” 

Yulo, Michelle: The Princess Free Zone: Gender stereotypes and children

Sewell, Kele: A physician critiques his family history: Racism in Forsyth County, GA

Kilanko, Glory: Insights into the importance of relationship building in grassroots social justice work, from the Director / Founder of Women Watch Africa

St. Claire, Millicent: The LIGMO Peace Project: Fun & enlightening programs promoting peace and respect at school, at work, and at home

Koshida, Celeste: The Role of Women's leadership in bringing Peace in the 21st Century

Lovelace, Alice: "Armed with Art" – Using poetry to inspire peace

Poss, Debra: Advocating for the creation of a United States Dept. of Peace...the proposed legislation, what it would do, and why it is needed

Pelligrino, Richard: The destiny of America and oneness of humanity...insights from a founding member of Uniting-­‐ and Cobb United for Change Coalition

Potter-­‐Miller, Savannah: Former Administrative Law Judge / Assistant District Attorney shares insider views on veterans treatments courts: Addressing claims for disabled veterans

Osimiri, Uwa Onyioha: The Village of Hope: A spiritual ministry to promote peace and tolerance amongst the world’s religions

Williams, Charles: Promoting a "Humarian Society": Living Beyond Race...caring for others simply because they're human

Sangpo, Lodoe: Peace in Tibet...perspectives from a Buddhist monk

Kim, Jongdae, with Heesu Kim, & Ga hee Lee: Humanitarian issues in North Korea

Isah, Ahmed: Human rights violated in Nigeria...the way forward

Voma, Kahbit Emmaculate: Facilitating conflict resolution between villages in Cameroon, Africa /empowering the disabled re. healthcare, food, shelter, legal rights, etc.

Winkle, Philip: An Emory student project to catalyze a global movement to STOP the massive raping and killing of women in the Congo: The HumanWrighting Project

Luyindula, Dema: A Congolese gentleman with an MPH earned in America is trying to make a difference in his native land...Congolese Genocide Awareness

Zughaier, Susu: A Palestinian scientist at Emory presents her perspectives on empowering Arab women and the Arabic Spring revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests in the Arab world that began in December of 2010

Razdan, Subash: Chairman of Gandhi Foundation of USA (GFUSA): A history of the Gandhi and Martin Luther King Connection  



SOM 120 // Sun. 11am-­‐6pm


Lighty, Michael: Director of Public Policy for the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United: Healthcare is a Human Right

Saltmarsh, Sue: Universal healthcare in the U.S. and the upcoming Demonstration for Universal Healthcare (DUH) in Washington, D.C.

Ellington, Donna M.: Americans for Healthcare: A successful social media campaign to propel a grassroots movement promoting universal healthcare

Bolden, Gregory A.: Empowering men to advocate for comprehensive health care

Simons, Laurie & Sterrenberg, Terry: The Healthcare Movie: the real story of how it came to be that the health care systems in Canada and the United States are so different today

Reed, Diana C.: An overview of the health care crisis in the America

Rickel, Jack & Gloria: An innovative look at a Single Payer Health Care Plan for the USA. From the social services days in Germany in the late 1800s to the days of MLK, refreshing insights into why there is a dire need to correct the "non-­‐system" of healthcare in America

Sisler, Robert: Healthcare for all (HR 676)...insights from a Clinical Social Worker who has provided healthcare solely on a humanitarian basis

Hamad, Hamad: The Future of Healthcare in the United States

Coppin, Patricia C.: Inclusive Aging Services: The big picture...comprehensive health for the elderly

Lambert, Lee: Caregiving for seniors: A guide for families on what to expect and how to prevent stress and burn out, and a mandate for social change to repair our broken families and communities

Kamusoko, Alexander & Sikangezile, Pauline Zulu: The story of the Alex Jr. Cancer Foundation: Raising awareness and financial support in the community for children's cancer research

Emory University Volunteer Medical Interpreter Services: Emory University Volunteer Medical Interpreter Services: A Student based approach to eliminating health disparities in resource-­‐limited communities

Williams, Sherry B.: 4-­‐Time Cancer Survivor, Author, Healthcare Advocate, & Consultant gives perspectives on Early Detection, Healthcare Changes & Disparities

Nelms, Doris: A hospice expert /educator provides valuable insights into the importance of hospice services and making them available

Helton, B: How seemingly ordinary people cue the behavior of millions, simply, with little money, power, or political clout

Meier, Katie: Healthcare is Making Me Sick: "Denied. No, sorry. We can't help you."

Hochman, Karen: Access to Healthcare

Birge, Jack: It’s time to take a stand  



SOM 130 // Sun. 11am – 6pm


Education (Part 1) 

Sun. 11am – 4pm

Amalfard, Naveed: Readers Beyond Borders: Innovation in African educational development

Chapman, LaKisha: Author of Mommy Let Me Live shares honest testimony about her experiences, education, and inspiration to help women be more knowledgeable when making decisions about abortion

Elliott, Temple: The Global Village School: Helping refugee teen girls whose lives and education have been brutally interrupted by war or civil conflict...intensive English language instruction and cultural integration.

Forbi, Ngwa Wilson: Grassroots work with the youth in Cameroon, Africa to improve health and education

Karanovich, Kelli: Clarity in the Classroom: An Insider's Perspective on Different Learning Environments & How to Know Which One is Right for Your Child

Mayol, Ngor Kur: One of the former Lost Boys of Sudan presents his dream and collaboration with the “raising South Sudan Project to build schools and provide clean water in South Sudan.”

Modarai, Farhad: Perspectives from the Co-­‐Founder of Project REACH (Revitalizing Education and Camden’s Health) on urban health and childhood education

Mbaba, Victor: The president of Africa's Children's Fund speaks on his life: A young poverty-­‐ stricken Nigerian boy whose life was turned around by a book, now an American who runs an organization with Desmond TuTu which turns around the life of many children in the USA and in Africa by providing them with books

Mbari-­‐Kirika, Irene: Educational technology for the blind

Ogork, Ebot Ntui: Challenges of deaf education in Cameroon: the case of the Ephphatha Institute for the Deaf in Kumba, Cameroon

Environment & Sustainability (Part 2) 

Sun. 4pm – 6pm

Attiah, Mohammed Munkaelu, Junior: Participatory Action on Development & Environment Network (PADE NET): The possibility of greening Africa, with the community as the driving force

Drake, Evelyne: Growing sustainable development projects in rural communities, through “women to women” programs such as The Haiti Summer Service Project

Ravid, Frederick: A Disaster in the Making: The Unhealthy Link Between Federal Regulators and Agribusiness

Turner, Vanessa: Sustainability: A practical look at helping the planet and helping people get the nutrition they need

Whyte, Yolanda: Children’s environmental health: protecting children from conception to teenage years

Delgarde, Rony: Global Paint for Charity: Recycling left-­‐over paint to help color the world 


WHSCAB // Sun. 11am-­‐6pm


Achindu, Agatha: Basic principles to follow when making everyday meals for the whole family more wholesome

Chung, Andrew: A cardiologist shares his mission and to lose the body fat that leads to heart disease

Daniels, Jack A: Psychiatrist and best-­‐selling author presents “Discovering your passion”...stop existing and start living

Finkelstein, Marty: Emotional physical healing: Holistic chiropractor / author of A Life of Wellness, The Seven Gifts, and Divorce: An Uncommon Love Story shares insights into healing relationships

LaVigne, Jeri: The Irlen Method: How color can help with learning problems, migraines, headaches, depth perception issues and brain injuries

Lee, David G: The Body is a Holographic Computer (and how the Mind, Body, Spirit connects)

Lentine, Ursula: Teaching people how to improve their health and reduce pain with healing meditation

Martin, Melissa: The importance of healthy plant-­‐based eating, and its impact on our health, the environment, and the animals.

Milons, Les (Ambassador): Fighting chronic illness thru diet and exercise

Opio, Siti Ndaeyo: Elder living with raw foods; eradicating pain & finding spiritual peace...perspectives from a Grandmother Traditional Healer / naturopath

Raeuber, Havalyn Irene: Our Everyday Physical Conversations: Dance and Movement for a Healthy Individual and for a Healthy Community

Rooke, Jennifer: A physician’s efforts to address underlying causes of chronic disease...a plant-­‐based diet for health and humanitarian reasons

Sanders, Neeta & David: Soul2Soul Educare: "Eat this, not that"...Learn from vegan chefs/life coaches how to make day to day "food swaps" by adopting healthier choices which will help you to stay young, live longer, and be dis-­‐ease free

Scott, Linzy: "Self Care": What you can do for yourself to prevent disease

Wallace, Margaret: Mindful people in wellness practices (mindfulness, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and reiki) to help cope with major medical diagnoses

Greenwood, Rita L.: Living Green: Creating a camp that partners with healers, scientists, and schools to raise awareness about health, nutrition, child development, and homelessness in Coden, Alabama

Ackerman, Ricci: Herbs in Allopathic Medicine...Third generation herbalist from Germany combines traditional herbal knowledge with modern scientific data on herbal phytotherapy 



HARLAND // Sun. 11am-­‐3pm


Asomani-­‐Wiafe, Leticia: Making progress in tackling the problem of HIV/AIDS in Ghana

Bercu, Daniel: Doctors At War: Engaging the healthcare community in the global war against human trafficking

Cheren, Connie: Improving Access to Healthcare through mHealth (mobile health)... an overview from President/Co-­‐Founder of Partners For Care

Elangovan, David: The need for medical missions among tribal people of India

Elsey, Pamela: Healing Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) in Ecuador, South America

Forbi, Roland: Teaching innovative management skills for aid workers in developing countries (West Africa)

Grantham, Jeremiah: Tricks and trades of the medical missionary

Gyader, Edward N.: A role model of an African educational institution having a major impact on the health of the country: the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, University for Developmental Studies, Tamale, Ghana

Maggi, Darius Roderick: Urgent surgery for women who needed C-­‐Sections (obstetrical fistula repair-­‐ Sierra Leone)

Onabanjo, Babs: President & CEO of A.D. King Foundation: Medical equipment & supplies

Oriola, Dapo: Medical / dental mission work

Taiwo, Darampla: Improving health care in rural Nigeria through volunteers

Strauss, Aly & Matta, Daniel: Improving the efficiency of medical mission trips by collaborating with industrial engineering 



SOM A153 // Sun. 1-­‐2pm (Panel) 


Fairchild, Charlotte, Rev.: “Buddy System” for non-­‐profits to share resources

Patterson, Brad: Using golf as a fundraiser 


SOM P178 // Sun. 2-­‐3pm (Interactive Panel)

Moderator: Vanessa Turner (Sustainability advocate)
A panel of holistic healthcare innovators connect with environmentalists on living healthy, happy, and green...providing resources and solutions to those in need, particularly in the areas of: 1) economy 2) people out of work 3) limited finances and 4) health and other considerations as our families age

Jack Daniels: Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker,

Brook Terrell, MED, CCC-­‐SLP: Speech -­‐Pathologist and Aging expert,

Anthony Osman Massaquoi: Urban and International Agriculture,

Geno Warner: Sustainable Architect,

Reid Hutchinson: president; Home Energy Consultant,

Shervin Ahmady: nventor of water saving device and former President of the Inventors Association of GA,

Terry Sullivan: Training & Mentoring, Marketing & Sales Strategies,

Rashid Brown: Author of Careergonomics,

Vanessa Turner: Sustainability Advocate & Brick House Reports,

Amenia Cartwright: Finance & Brick House Reports,

Garry Harris: Center for Sustainability,

Bobby Wilson: president of the American Community Garden Association & Atlanta Urban Gardening Program, a project of the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service,

Carla Yvette Palmer: Art Promoter,

Joe Reynolds: Farmer, Stewardship,

Kate Mosley: Church, Stewardship,

Alison Newman: “Tree Widow,” Actor, Writer, Director,

Sergio Rozzelle: Author of the Art and Science of Success,

Maurice Burley: Film producer and Writer

James Hall, MD: Epidemiologist & En-­‐Lyfe, Inc.

M-­‐3) YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: Everything You Wanted to Know But

Were Afraid to Ask (Hands-­‐On Workshop)

SOM P190 // Sun. 1-­‐3pm 


A) effectively managing a diverse group of young people through a social change project; and B) sustaining your program via creative funding/ support, collaboration, and visionary leadership

Part 1 (1-­‐2pm): Overview, featuring two successful models that teach students project management skills geared towards effecting social change

Part 2 (2-­‐3pm): Interactive break out sessions using case studies, collaborative thinking, and problem-­‐based learning to provide the tools for building successful student empowerment programs

Modari, Farhad: Co-­‐Founder, Project REACH (Revitalizing Education and Advancing Camden’s Health)
Peacock, Elizabeth: Education Program Manager, Mothering Across Continents
Blough, Suzy: International educator, writer, documentary coordinator 


SOM A170 // Sun. 12:30-­‐2:30pm (Discussion) 

Appareddy, Shyama (moderator)

Discussion: Brainstorming to work towards ending homeless in Atlanta


Johnson, Dominic: Caring Works, Inc, & Program Director at the Hope House, Addiction and Rehabilitation Center for individuals experiencing Homelessness
Lattimore, Maurice: The Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless and the Shelter on Peachtree & Pine

Lu, Mengting: The Emory Homeless Immersion Group

Hearn, Elizabeth: Homeless Immersion course taught to middle school students at the Paideia School

Sheppard, Michael: Insights into The Atlanta Mission’s programs on ending homelessness from “Pastor Michael,” who has been working with the homeless in Atlanta for 12 years

Williams, Molly: Community Relations Director, Gateway Center -­‐ Services, transitional housing, case management and programs for men, women, and women with children 


(Interactive Workshop)

SOM A153 // Sun. 3-­‐4pm

Jones, Herman LeVern:
Executive Producer and Artistic Director of TheatreSouth Atlanta, Inc.

Workshop attendees along with members of the cast will perform an excerpt from the gospel musical production of "I HAVE A DREAM" (chronicling the life of MLK Jr & written by Josh Greenfield and directed by Herman LeVern Jones), followed by discussion of how theatre can be used as a change agent in our society. 

N) CLOSING PROGRAM: Key Note & Performances

WHSCAB // Sun. 7:00 – 9:00pm


*Jack Birge MD: 5 minute summary of Global Humanitarian Summit’s conclusion around Universal Access to Quality Healthcare in America

*Don Simmons and the Angels: Introduction by International Sound Therapy Association

*Dr. Gregory McPherson and Alan Dynin – Co-­‐creating on the piano

*Dr. Cherilynn Morrow: “SpaceMan” astrojazz

*Lisa Parsons: “Journey to the Future” guided meditation

*Serrie, John: “Tingri Maiden” piano


*Key Note address:
Barbara Marx Hubbard, “The Voice of Conscious Evolution of Humankind” / 1984 US Vice Presidential Candidate

Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called "the voice for conscious evolution of our time" by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch's new book "The Mother of Invention." Barbara co-founded The Association for Global New Thought and the World Future Society, and is chair and co-founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. In 1984 her name was placed in nomination for the vice presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket with the campaign theme "To Fulfill the Dream, a Campaign for a Positive Future."

Humanity's Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution

In this key note presentation, visionary futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard shares her vision and personal / social practices that can foster breakthroughs toward an awakening of the social, spiritual, scientific, and technological potential of humanity.

*Dr. Gregory McPherson “This is Love” piano, with audience participation 


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